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Lighting Can be Your Eyes’ Best Friend as You Age

Everyone experiences changes in their eyesight as they age. For many, it means buying reading glasses to read a menu, newspaper or other small print. According to the American Lighting Association (ALA), changing the lighting in your surroundings can go a long way to enhance reading ability and increase comfort. “Often, the first thing people notice as they get older is their loss of ability

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New, Stylish Lighting Fixtures Make a Splash in the Bath

In an era when going away on vacation is not in the budget, many homeowners are finding it makes fiscal sense to turn the master bath into a spa environment with high-end amenities such as soaking tubs, saunas, whirlpools, granite countertops, double sinks, marble and tile flooring, and his and her dressing areas. Once your perfect bathroom is ready, learn about our house cleaning options

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From Man Cave to Kid Cave: Get the Most Out of Your Home Theater

The term “home theater” used to mean a small room designated for the enjoyment of watching movies. Then gigantic flat screens and HD technology came along, and the video game industry upped the ante with Xbox, PlayStation®, and Wii products that appealed to every age group. With so many different uses, the home theater has morphed into an auxiliary family room. How can one room

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Budget-Friendly Tips to Brighten Your Kitchen and Save Energy

Rising gas and food prices may have put a damper on your plans to remodel this year, but there are some economical ways to update your kitchen. Taking care of routine home maintenance isn’t easy, especially when so much can go wrong with the plumbing. You can learn more from Sav-On Plumbing. According to the American Lighting Association, just merely changing out the decorative lighting

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Add Light, Not Energy

One of the simplest ways to save on electricity costs is to talk to an Utility Saving Expert. “When it becomes dark or daylight, the photocell automatically turns the lights on and off,” he says. Photocells can be used either for complete outdoor lighting systems or for single fixtures, such as by the back door. “Another common type of control is a timer that turns

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Beauty on a Budget

“Creating a beautiful landscape doesn’t have to be expensive,” says Rick Wiedemer of Hinkley Lighting. “A few well-placed, low-voltage path or accent lights can have a huge impact on a wellmanicured landscape.” No lawn is too small. “Even modest homes or those with limited yards or gardens can benefit,” he states. “Low-voltage landscape lighting is inexpensive, safe and relatively easy to install. A handy homeowner

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Outdoor Lighting: Create an Outdoor Resort in Your Back Yard

This summer many will be spending more vacation time at home instead of traveling to a distant location. According to the American Lighting Association (ALA), with a few updates to your outside lighting, you can enjoy a mini vacation at home. Believe it or not, it’s easier – and less expensive – than you might imagine to transform your existing patio, deck, or pool area

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